Jumat, 23 Januari 2015

Devon's French Restaurants

Fogo de Chao Churrascaria opened in Scottsdale this winter and I had the opportunity to dine there and enjoy one of the most decadent meals I've ever eaten. I was thrilled to see the restaurant located in the heart of Scottsdale in what had once been a somewhat tired steakhouse. The remodel was incredible and that aptly set the stage for an unforgettable dining experience. La Traviata is for those with Italian taste buds. Here you will not only find sumptuous Italian dishes, but also the best of Italian wines. The Ibn Majed http://lakupon.com/le-boeuf-steakhouse-1017-ed the best of Mid Eastern and Mediterranean dishes while the views are nothing but spectacular. 

 Great Neck Park Beach is another beautifully scenic beach that is strictly no-frills. Forget the typical rentals, public facilities, drinking fountains, and concessions. There are none located on the beach, although informal eating places are located close by. However, there is lots of fun to be had like looking for crabs at low tide or walking along the yards of unblemished sand. For those who might wonder if their wallets will mourn over the thought of eating out at a seafood restaurant, you need not worry! Simply avoid the crab and lobster. And if you're penny-pinching, shrimp is the best way to go because it gives the most flavor and meat for the least amount of money. 

Relocated from the heart of Ironbridge to the more spacious Forester Arms in Broseley, the venue has a unique Asia theme with Thai artefacts, fresh orchids and leather sofas to provide a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere. Many of the ingredients used in the dishes are authentic and sourced directly from Thailand, except the meat which is sourced locally in Admaston. The food is both full flavoured and presented perfectly to ensure a great time every time for visitors. During the height of the season between May 15 and September 30, beach activities involving balls and Frisbees are prohibited during the beach's open hours between 10:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m. NEVER compensate your large bill by leaving your server a lower tip-15% of your total check is minimum, folks; 20% is good service. Oprah was wrong. If you can't afford to leave a tip, you can't afford to eat out.

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